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6569 Lehman Road
Canal Winchester, OH 43110
Please include what the problems are we will send a quote or a verbal.


Daily Rate: $200.00

Weekly Rate: $600.00


The Z21 is a Bi Color kit consisting of (1) 1x2, (2) 1x1 with AB Mounts, (3) Power supplies (3) Matthew Stands and Custom Built Case

Daily Rate: $100.00

Weekly Rate: $300.00

Z Mini Run and Gun Kit

Z This kit includes (2) Z mini bi color fresnels, (2) Z mini bi color panels lights, (4) 35 watt Power supplies, (4) stands, (4) shoe to stand adapters, (2) shoe to swivel adapters (1) custom hard case.

Daily Rental: $170.00

Weekly Rental: $510.00

 This 4 head kit will include (2) Z1 1x1 Bi Color AB mount LED Panels, (2) Z Mini Bi Color Fresnels  (4) Stands, (4) A/C Power supplies and Custom built case.

Weight 54 lbs

Daily Rate: $130.00

Weekly Rate: $390.00

Z1 Travel Kit Includes (2) Bi Color 1x1 with AB mount, (2) A/C Power supplies, (2) Stands, (1) Soft Case with Strap

Daily Rental $65.00

Weekly Rental: $195.00

Includes Z1 Bi Color 1x1 with AB mount and Power supply and case. 

Daily Rental $95.00 per day

Weekly Rental: $285.00

Includes Z2 Bi Color 1x1 with AB mount and Power supply and case

Canal Winchester, OH 43110
Phone: 614-829-6109
Email: info@zabolight.com